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Southport's highly skilled staff enjoy the challenges offered by our customers and the opportunity to use our modern tools and techniques to satisfy unique applications.

As an example, since early 2012 we have been operating a completely integrated 10' x 30' 12 axis

flatstock and 3D cutting system to satisfy the special requirements of a local customer.

Since the rebirth of Southport in 2007, we have continued to grow our capabilities and resources thanks to our loyal, trusting customers and our superior associates.

Southport is a solutions-oriented group and always ready for new challenges.

Please feel free to visit us at any time!


Southport Thermal and I-Cubed Industry Innovators - What's The Relationship?

Southport continues to support the thermal product needs of our many and varied customers including food, aluminum and gold processors.


Southport’s affiliation with I-Cubed affords us the very best support of our 3D cutting systems, including expert support of applications software.

As a result, we are the premier 3D abrasive and water jet cutting company in Canada.


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