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Southport has comfortably settled into the 28,000 square foot (2,600 square metre) facility we purchased in May of 2011.

The additional space has allowed us to add a second 125HP 90,000 psi waterjet intensifier, another straight water flatstock cutting system and two additional 6-axis 3D abrasive jet-cutting systems.

We offer a wide assortment of high-temperature board products to service your particular market or application.  All are available in various thicknesses, temperature ranges and are easily fabricated using our in-house process tools.  Our engineering group can provide solutions specific to your needs.


In addition, we also cut and shape phenolic and ferrous materials in  2D and 3D from our stock, or material supplied by customers.

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We welcome any opportunity to cut and stock customer-supplied material in addition to our in-stock materials.

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In addition, we have expanded our Benchmark Indexable tooling division with the addition of 2 more 4-axis CNC verticals and are in the process of purchasing a 5-axis machining center.

This hardware added to our previously existing conventional machine shop, CNC's, routers and sanders rounds out our manufacturing capability handsomely.

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